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How to Maximize the Sale of Your Benicia Home


Improve the Look, Keep It Low Maintenance, and Increase the Living Space to Add More Value to Your Benicia, CA Real Estate


Make Small Repairs

Though it may seem minor, making small repairs to houses for sale in Benicia, like fixing creaky doors or replacing loose cabinet handles, can make a big difference. You want prospective buyers to know your home has been well taken care of while you’ve lived in it, and ignoring the little things gives an impression of neglect. You may be forced to make these repairs anyway after a home inspection, so you might as well put the work in upfront.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Stand on the street, and look toward your Benicia home. How does it look from the eyes of passersby? The curb is your first chance to catch the eye of potential buyers, so you’ll want to make a good impression.

To heighten this “curb appeal,” make sure your landscaping is up to par. Your grass should be green and well-manicured, bushes and trees trimmed. Adding plants and flowers can also enhance viewing pleasure from the street as well as in online pictures. Line porches, walkways, arches, or any other visible space with some color, as it will draw the eye and create a peaceful and calming feeling for the buyer.

Also consider painting or replacing your front door and putting out some fresh outdoor furniture on your porch. Buyers will be able to imagine themselves sitting out on the porch, relaxing and enjoying the space.

Make It Low Maintenance

To make sure your piece of Benicia real estate is easy to maintain for new owners, keep landscaping and outdoor décor simple and update inside as necessary. If it seems as though your home is hard to maintain, buyers will not be as apt to take on the responsibility of your Benicia property.

To eliminate this concern, replace water heaters, HVAC systems, or the roof if it is nearing the end of its life. Buyers like to hear that updates have been made and new items purchased, as these large issues will no longer be problems they will take on after buying.

Having a low-maintenance home also gives your Benicia real estate agent another selling point when promoting your home. You can also do easy fixer-upper projects like replacing carpets in high-traffic places, putting in hardwood floors, or installing a central vacuum system. Newly replaced and clean parts of the home make buyers feel more confident and happier with their purchase. It shows that you have taken pride in your home and that you are willing to go the extra mile to improve it.


Create a Large Living Space

Everyone wants to live in a bigger space. Adding square footage to houses for sale in Benicia will generally create a better payout. If you have the space, consider adding on an extra room. If you do not have the means to do so, you can achieve this objective by finishing a basement or storage area, converting an attic into a bedroom, or turning a den into a bedroom or office space. You can increase the outdoor living space by building or adding onto a deck or patio; outdoor spaces with a pergola and fire pit are very trendy and in demand by potential buyers.

Consider Compass Concierge

A Compass Concierge service is a sure-fire way to make sure your home is prepared for listing. Your Compass agent will evaluate your home and needs and help you decide which services will help you get the highest offers. Your agent will connect you with vendors that provide services like staging, upgrades, decluttering, landscaping, and other home improvement services. You will only pay for this service after your home sells or when one year passes from the time you hire your concierge.

Tips on Selling Benicia Homes

Have you created more value in your home and are ready to list it with a Benicia real estate agent? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your sale:
  • Have high-quality photographs taken. Most buyers first find homes they are interested in online. You need to have professional photos and videos taken for virtual tours, an appealing listing, and an effective online marketing campaign.

  • Price it right. Overpricing will discourage many of those who would otherwise be interested in your home. On the flip side, underpricing leaves money on the table and can leave buyers wondering why it’s not listed around the value it is worth. The best way to price your home correctly is to have your agent do a comparative market analysis that looks at what homes similar to yours have sold for recently in your neighborhood.

  • Stage it. To help interested buyers imagine living in your home, work with a professional stager who will arrange your house to appeal to those who view it. A stager will rearrange furniture, add or remove decor, and ensure that each room in your home has a designated purpose. If you are nervous about having a stranger in your house and handling your possessions, you can opt for virtual staging. This service involves using a computer program to optimally decorate houses for sale in Benicia so that those viewing it online can see what it would like with the perfect furniture and decor.
If you plan to list your home on the Benicia market, take steps as soon as possible to add value so that you will be able to ask for a higher price when you are ready to sell. Work with an experienced Benicia real estate agent like those at Ridge Real Estate Group to maximize your offers and ensure that the entire selling process goes smoothly.

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