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Should the Buyer Be There for the Home Inspection?

Do I have to be there for a Home Inspection?

HI, welcome back to the Ridge Real Estate Group’s Vlog! Today’s topic is Inspection’s. In this scenario, the buyer gets into contract and now we are at the point where we need to order any and all inpections that we need to do on the home. That could be home, pest, roof inspections and the list goes on. But the question we normally get is, should the buyer be there for inspections?

We try to encourage the buyer to be present at least for the home inspection. This way the buyer can walk around and present to ask any questions they may have. Because the reports that they create can look over whelming and its also a great time to ask any questions on the home.

There are lots of good things that go into a home inspection and either way, we will be there to relay anything to you on your behalf. Let us know if you have any questions by commenting below or reaching out to our team.

Thank you for watching our video! This is Jessica Evans and Steve Ridge with the Ridge Real Estate Group and we have been “Building Relationships for Generations.”

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